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04 April 2010 @ 04:47 pm
Gardening :-)

Also laundry and dishes etc.

And rehearsals...

Early music folks: Given a plainchant setting of the doxology, is there a way to find other pieces that have used that melody. Perhaps as a tenor or motet line?
12 March 2010 @ 01:58 pm
Starting strong, fading out though.

Yardwork-raked front flowerbeds, pried out the vetch that was ensconced under the deck, cleared out railing boxes, raked pine needles off deck. All stuff that should have been done last fall.
Focaccia :-)
Cleaned kitchen counters
Cat boxes
Trash out
19 February 2010 @ 10:19 am
Evidently I'm not currently allowed to post in FB. Sigh.

I'm trying a new house tactic today. 15 min bursts: I have a couple old 1-a-day Sudoku calendars (which I mostly haven't done, oops, but it's fun to pick them up and do a few every now and then). The backs of each day make awesome little list papers.

So: take one (do the Sudoku on it, if it isn't done yet)--make a VERY short list of 15 min of work. Set timer, do that list. Repeat a few times. But don't worry about the next 15 min. This makes the work bite-sized and not overwhelming. (instead of "clean music room" I can "remove 1 box of not-music-related-stuff from music room and put it where it ought to be", for example.)

Actually is working surprisingly well. I'm going to intersperse this with longer things (like practice sessions). But really, most house stuff goes surprisingly well in 15 min bursts. Keeping a list of this makes it clearer that I really am accomplishing stuff and not wasting my day.

Accomplished (for my record, will add to this as the day goes)
~8 minutes on treadmill (25 calories)
emptied dishwasher x2
loaded dishwasher and ran
big trash out (packing boxes from music stands I just ordered)
1 bag kitchen trash out and new one started
mail brought in and sorted (no bills this week :-)
new music stands assembled/old stands disassembled and all put in music room
1 box candlemaking equipment removed from music room to basement
1 bag beading equipment removed from music room and put with other bead stuff waiting to go to craft room
2 boxes ancient receipts/bills removed from music room waiting to be gone through and tossed
1 box seeds/shipping stuff removed from music room waiting to be moved to basement
All living room throws folded.
Guest linens removed from futon waiting to be washed, collected scattered towels and socks as well
Cat boxes cleaned (note: medication for upstairs cat appears to be helping, at least there's more, um, throughput...)
Laundry: 4 loads
Emptied all wastebaskets, trash out
Cleared out old bills/receipts from 1 box
Sorted 4 piles of recent bills/receipts & put most into storage box
Lunch: scrambled eggs and eng muffin. And the ubiquitous diet coke :-)
Bead supplies upstairs to craftroom
Vihuela foot pedal out of box. Vihuela practice done.
17 February 2010 @ 01:14 pm
On the plus side, I learned how to clean up a mercury spill today. On the minus side, I learned how to clean up a mercury spill today.
09 January 2010 @ 05:25 pm
One kitty in amazing health despite being 14 years old (perfect liver function, kidney function, and blood sugar levels), vet was impressed.

One kitty with issues. Stiff hind legs, pronounced limp in left foreleg, and loss of over a pound of weight since last March (in a 10 pound cat...that's huge). Blood work came back actually surprisingly good--normal thyroid, normal kidney, normal liver, normal blood cell morphology (this is especially nice because it contraindicates bone cancer), only abnormality is high globulins (6.5 g/dL)--an indicator of inflammation. They gave her a NSAID injection, and she seems to be somewhat more alert and relaxed today, but the limp is still there. Probably going to have to take her back for imaging (xrays, most likely). Also going to be putting her on glucosamine and prednisone (probably for the rest of her life). So, arthritis and something possibly bigger in that front leg. She's definitely showing her 14 years. I *really* hope the pain meds give her her apatite back.
04 December 2009 @ 06:11 pm
Working on a set of Josquin pieces for vihuela. 2-voice pieces, really really fun. Hopefully I'll have them plausible this spring for Quilisma's Josquin-and-Ciconia concert.


My fingertips are sore...
04 December 2009 @ 04:25 pm
How does anyone who does not have a stay-at-home person in the household manage to keep up? Seriously!

Not working Fridays has helped immensely--I now keep up with laundry and dishes. Today I vacuumed the living room and dining room, paid bills, did dishes, did litterboxes and trash, started extra laundry in addition to the weekly amount so that I can clear out some of the infinite piles of clothing-that-no-longer-fits, did some decluttering, did the kitchen counters, cleaned and put away a couple vases that had had flowers in them 3 weeks ago, practiced vihuela and recorder, ordered some music that I need....

And it's all good that it's done, I know I've accomplished a bunch. BUT.....kitchen, bathrooms (2), upstairs hallway floors all desperately need serious mopping, bathrooms both need cleaning of all uh, things (what do you call toilets, sinks, and showers? not appliances,) other room carpets need vacuuming, bedrooms all need sweeping, music room is a disaster, sewing room is a disaster, library is borderline, I haven't tuned Emily's harpsichord in a year (much less actually, you know, *played* it!),...

And what is going to happen is I will do music and life stuff for the weekend, work M-Th next week, and next Friday which is my next big cleaning day, I will repeat the same stuff I did today (because that's the immediate important stuff) and the same stuff I didn't get done today will not get done next week...and the next etc.


OK, I'll stop whining. I *know* so many people don't have the luxury I have of a lovely house and food on the table and so forth, and I can't really claim hardship. But it's frustrating.
23 November 2009 @ 02:24 pm
Harpschord-y types: If there is a harpsichord that "needs work"--specifically something in the action is swollen and needs filing, causing the keys to stick, is this something I could fix myself--and is it worth spending $500 on a single-manual Zucherman if I need to do this type of work on it?
18 November 2009 @ 10:29 am
Hello, friends--

Carolyn Jean Smith, Melika Fitzhugh, and Lisa Gay hope to see you at our concert next weekend!

Renaissance Music 
from Spain & Portugal
Performed on recorders, harp, and vihuelas

4PM, Sunday, November 22, 2009
At the Taylor House, 50 Burroughs St., Jamaica Plain
 (Corner of Burroughs and Agassiz Park)
Suggested donation: $10
For directions, visit www.taylorhouse.com.
Please join us for a reception following the concert.

And save the date for our spring concert:
Polyphonic Favorites: Featuring our best-loved composers, Josquin and Ciconia
3 PM, Sunday, April 11, 2010
At the Loring-Greenough House, Jamaica Plain

Please forward this to your friends. Our website is www.quilisma.us.

--The Quilisma Consort